What Is CBD Coffee?

What Is CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee is simple: it’s a combination of coffee and CBD. The combination can be made in several ways, but always includes these two.

1. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and it’s estimated that up to 83% of Americans have it daily. Coffee, as you may already know, contains caffeine which produces the following effects with its consumption:

• Alertness

• Boosted metabolism

• Anxiety

• Increased blood pressure

2. The second ingredient is CBD—the shorthand for cannabidiol—which is a naturally derived compound found in the cannabis plant. People can sometimes confuse this with THC, another popular compound (there are over 80 compounds), but they are not the same. CBD, unlike THC, does not give a “high” feeling. Instead, it gives a peaceful, relaxing feeling as many have reported.

CBD has started to gain popularity thanks to the health benefits it provides. In studies on CBD, health benefits produced by the compound included:

• Reducing anxiety

• Reducing joint and ligament pains

• Improving quality of sleep

• Reducing blood pressure

These benefits can vary in their time to take effect. Typically, CBD ingested orally (like you would while drinking CBD coffee) can take between 20 minutes and 2 hours to take effect.

CBD coffee brings the benefits of both coffee and CBD together. And it does so as a combination of two natural substances: a natural plant-based caffeine drink, and a natural cannabinoid. And like all good natural combinations, it treats its users to the best of both effects, though there are a few risks.

The Benefits And Risks Of CBD Infused Coffee

Well the effects are going to be a composite of the two main ingredients—CBD and coffee. And, as you may have assumed, there’s some counterbalancing in the effects of these two. We’ll talk about these effects as two sections—the benefits of CBD coffee and the risks.

The Benefits

Coffee drinking itself comes with incredible health benefits. Harvard researchers have found that drinking it can help your body battle long-term diseases. This is in addition to coffee helping you be healthier, smarter, thinner, and containing a number of essential nutrients and high antioxidant levels. All of this makes coffee one of the healthiest drinks on the planet.

In the short term, coffee, through its caffeine, provides a boost of energy to your bodily systems.  The effects of coffee can take between ten to forty-five minutes to kick-in, and can last up to three hours.

CBD itself also has dynamic, unique, and positive effects. That’s why it’s seen such a surge in popularity in the last few years. Research shows that CBD can help reduce anxiety, one of the effects that’s brought on by high caffeine intake. This is just one of the benefits of CBD coffee—where the CBD compound helps to mitigate some of the negative effects of coffee drinking.

There are more even ways that CBD’s effects help counteract some of coffee’s “negative” effects.

Particularly for those sensitive to caffeine, even a small cup of coffee after 2pm can negatively affect sleep. Unfortunately, many counteract this with less sleep and more coffee the following morning.

What may very well be a perfect solution, a CBD infused coffee in the afternoon can give a productive boost, but also help with a deep sleep come nighttime.

A journalist recently ran a self-experiment on himself to test how he’d react to CBD Coffee (he used Flower Power CBD oil).

On his third day, he wrote, “I’m alert with no headache. Caffeine can sometimes give me heart palpitations and shaky hands, but today I feel calm. I don’t feel any anxiety or added stress over deadlines, and the day is flying by.”

The benefits reported by others are consistent with this. CBD coffee can still provide the alertness of caffeine without the anxiety that it can also produce.

The Risks

With any new combination of two substances, there are risks. CBD is new to the market and still being tested in a variety of different situations and fields.

When it comes to adding CBD to coffee, the main risk is that everybody’s body responds to compounds differently. This is true of CBD the same as it is true of coffee. Tolerances to different extracts or oils vary by genetic design as well as past use and experience.

The effects of CBD vary from person to person and the amount in different blends and grounds can alter this.

To help mitigate this risk, you’ll want to test and experiment with a  few cups on yourself and once you find the right fit for your body, continue using that amount and recipe to make it the same way each time.

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